Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Mad Libs


In yesterday's post, I shared a link to a lovely baby shower activity that I'm calling Wishes for Baby.  It is a printable template of fill in the blank "wishes" that all shower guests can complete with their personalized thoughts and hopes for the impending arrival.  They are so lovely -- and such a nice way to capture all of the joyful anticipation of the pregnancy of a dear friend or loved one.

Then, while puttering around on Pinterest, my latest addiction, I found the wedding equivalent.  And, loving words like I do, I decided to extend this week's evolving theme of filling in the blanks by sharing it today.  Enter, the Wedding Mad Lib.

This one seems like it was used at a pretty fun and laid-back wedding.  I feel that there would be a temptation to be very tongue-in-cheek here.  Is that just me?

In fact, this one also invites that sense of humor, which has been taken to heart:
From Style Me Pretty 

I feel like the design alone of these next two would make me take them much more seriously.  Is that just me?

From The Knot

All in all, I feel like it's a good idea.  It gives the guests something fun to do at the reception.  They can show off their senses of humor or their genuine good wishes for the couple, or (ideally) a nice combination of both.  People who don't necessarily feel comfortable writing missives in guests books where comments and dedications are encouraged can fill this out with the helping hand of the blanks.  The happy couple can laugh, smile, and maybe even tear up as they read them once the special day has passed.

Wedding Mad Libs officially get the Proper Paige stamp of approval!  Is that just me?

Filling in the blanks on the daily,


la petite coquine said...

These are so damn sweet, although I can just imagine my tipsy self turning them completely inappropriate!

Laura@JourneyChic said...

I love those! It could get a little outta control, but that would make the wedding/shower all the more fun.

kdgille said...

I found these on
SO FUN!!!!

Keiliki said...

I'm helping my friend with turning this type of idea into a guest book. We are creating them from scratch for her and her fiance and a guy from church who does binding will bind them to create the guest book at the end of the day. We are also thinking about creating more than one type so that the kids can get in on it but theirs will probably be more like a fill in the blanks with a drawing the bride and a drawing of the groom. Keep it up with the postings!