Beer Drinking Brides


The Interwebs is all abuzz about a bride in New Zealand who was photographed drinking beer from a bottle while in a wedding dress.

Evidently, the outcry from the fine people of New Zealand was quite loud.  The word "disgusting" was used more than once.

Hmm.  I did some digging and found the picture.

Whilst doing my crack online research, I learned that "bridal model Katrina Hayman was snapped swigging from a bottle of beer while she was backstage at the Taranaki Bride of the Year competition."

I also learned that the show's organizers demanded an apology from the news outlet that ran the picture, while "other readers and online commentators described the photo as 'disgusting'."

In response to the media's inquiries, the bride herself had this to say:
'"So what if I enjoy a Tui over drinking wine and I haven't hurt anybody doing that. Only a lot of jealous people would be negative, at the end of the day we are meant to be ourselves."
Good one, bride.  Well said.

I think the whole thing is hilarious.  Brides can drink beer if they want to.  I didn't drink beer when Proper Husband and I got married, because I don't like beer.  Whatever.

I get why people are upset, though.  The picture challenges the traditional notion of a bride in white being lovely and demure, right?  And somehow degrades the union of two people who love one another?

You know what else does that?  Laws that "protect" marriage by refusing to honor the unions and rights of same sex couples.
To the people of New Zealand:  Simmer down.

To the bride in question:  Go ahead with the beer.  Just one teensy weensy side note:  Perhaps some tailoring on the bodice of your dress?  Just a thought.  

Other than that:  To each his own.  

Ta ta for now,
Proper Paige


Cristy said...

Oh, for the love of Pete. Thank goodness the paps did not catch the tequila shots, or is that ok? Classist, elitist drivel.

Laura@JourneyChic said...

Hahaha! Apparently there aren't any larger problems in NZ. It's not like it's a pic of her sh*tfaced and falling on her ass. Good grief! Enjoy your beer, honey!

Lena at A Crimson Kiss said...

This post is just PERFECT.

Bakersfield Photography said...

I believe that it only proves that she's also a normal person who wants to engage in such an event. I think there's nothing wrong with this picture, it's only that it's a stolen shot. She wasn't prepared to pose anyway.