Free Form Friday: Beware the Mirrored Floor


Halloween is right around the corner!  Goblins and ghouls will soon be knocking on my door to see if Proper Husband and I have brand name candy to give out.  (Note to self:  Buy candy.)

In light of the season, I thought I would share something that gave me an etiquette twinge of fear the other day.  I give you:  The Mirrored Floor.

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Granted, none of these ladies have anything to really worry about.  I see no lumps or bumps to horrify here.  But, I am totally sure that they don't want their La Perla or Cosabella undies to be reflected from the floor of their fancy event for the ogling of other event attendees.  I  mean, right?

But, what do you do if there is a mirrored floor?

At the risk of sounding risque, it's pretty simple.

Stand with care.

In my opinion, the lady in the green dress is flirting with danger here.  The lady with the floor length dress is obviously safe.  And the lady in the sparkly dress is standing in a way that shouldn't give her any issues.  But green dress lady needs to remember that she's wearing a cocktail sheath, not her favorite Lululemon yoga pants, and, well, stand with care.

And with that said, remember to buy the quality candy and have a great weekend.

Hope you stand with care today.

Ta ta for now,
Proper Paige


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Mirrored floors are clearly something someone didn't think out very well. Or did they...