Wedding Wednesday: Anne Hathaway Strikes Again


So, this might be the second time in a week that I've worked Anne Hathaway into my blog.  I guess it's not surprising that I think she's pretty awesome.

I am dying for better pictures of her (recently worn, real life) wedding gown than these grainy ones that we've all seen a hundred times by now:

And, while I scoured the Interwebs for better pictures (finding nothing, that private little minx), I was reminded that she has worn wedding dresses on the big screen.

Remember Bride Wars?

Remember Princess Diaries 2?

She also wore this to a ball shortly before the wedding:

Which do you prefer?

(I've got to say it.  I prefer the dress from Bride Wars.  I want to love her real wedding dress so badly, but I can't get past the head thing.  Le sigh.)

Hope your day does not have a weird head thing in it.

Ta ta for now,
Proper Paige


~*Jess*~ said...

Go to US Magazine. I might have read the story yesterday at the salon. And as my lovely hairdresser pointed out, her hair is SUPER duper short. So when you look at it that way, and in the US pictures, it does make sense and look less hokey.

Cristy said...

I love the actual wedding dress. I usually am not wild for head gear and this is no exception. But the dress is sweet!

Sara said...

OMG the head thing. If you're gonna do the super short hair, own it!

Otherwise, I gotta go with the dress from the ball. It seems more her style and she looks so comfortable and classy and I love the sparkly accents. I also love run-on sentences, apparently.