Free Form Friday: Running


I've been a runner on and off for my entire life.  As of this week, it's on again.

To be honest, something about this time feels different.  I'm not in my 20's anymore.  It's a bummer, but it's true.  I'm not sure my metabolism can get out of its own way.  And that is No Bueno.

So, with the gravitas of a thirty-something working mama, blogger, other blogger, volunteer, wife, daughter, sister, and friend type of person, I'm recommitting to running.  You heard it here first.  (Or, if you work with me, you saw my sweaty mess of a self after a lunchtime run this week.  Yes, that was me.)

What I will not commit to, however, is any of these common running no-nos.  Dude, just because you've run twenty seven ultramarathons does not mean you can blow your snot rocket at me.  Nope.  

I love Runners World.  And I love the idea of being able to give people tickets.  Anyone who knows how I can get deputized should definitely email me.

Hope you commit to something healthy (and proper) today.

Ta ta for now,
Proper Paige

PS:  It might be worth $5 if you really have to fart.  


Sara Panza said...

I had to Google FuelBelt. LOL I love that having one for a 5K has the most costly penalty.

Erin @ Domestic Adventure said...

This post made me laugh out loud, but it also made me scared that I need to run a third of a marathon in 2.5 months. I better get on that!

Laura@JourneyChic said...

Hah!! Those are too funny! I've never been a runner (I blame shin splints in 9th grade) but I am trying to hit the gym for circuit training classes more often. Damn that 30-something metabolism!